Tung Ni-Halet

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This Cat O’Nine strongly resembles historic devices of chastisement used by mariners.
At that time, however, the penalised weren’t able to appreciate the aesthetics and feel of such a beautiful and evenly braided cowskin whip.

The short handle merges into an elastic part, which at the base resembles a single tail. At the lower end the cat fans out into six round-braided thongs, each ending in a small tuft of four strips of leather.

This cat needs some experience and practice. It can be used in different styles.
If you pound it like a flogger, the ends will cause a sharp pain as they strike the skin in diverse patterns. If you pound it more like a single-tail, the ends meet the target in a bundle and act like a violent kick that goes deep.

Length approx. 93 centimetres
Length of tails approx. 43 centimetres

For this whip our safety guidelines apply particularly!
It should never be used for striking the spine or kidney area directly. Compared to lighter whips, this whip gains its effect through the weight and can therefore cause deep tissue injuries when deployed more vigorously.